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About Us

Donald J. Lingenfelter Jr


ASI Solutions, Inc

FAA-DER, Structures and Interiors.

ASI Solutions Inc. was established in 2003 designed to support AOG projects for heavy transport aircraft. The company continues to be on call 24/7 to support in-service aircraft in need of immediate repair.

In 2005 the president of the company became a fulltime leader separating from a corporate position as a company DER.

The president of the company, Don Lingenfelter worked for a commercial operator for 10 years, the last of those years working with the engineering department as a company DER. Don left that company in 2005 to lead and Expand ASI Solutions from an AOG Support team to a full-service engineering house.


ASI Solutions is a privately held entity. While we are always moving forward and have experienced growth through the years, we expect to remain privately owned for years to come. Our engineering support is highly specialized and our support staff with our associate partners fill a specialized market with a vast venue.


We expanded into Asia years ago and recently registered a separate company as ASI Trading SDN.BHD. with an office in Malaysia. At this location we offer engineering and manufacturing specializing in AOG support (Aircraft on Ground) staffed engineers and tradesmen.   


ASI Solutions is a full-service engineering house staffed with engineers, associates, and tradesmen. We have research staff to complete data sets for materials procurement and coordinate supplemental vendor engineering. We offer both on-site and off-site engineering support as projects demand.

ASI supports off-site engineering projects through liaison engineers. These engineers are normally ASI Staff but often enough they are engineers assigned by the operator (our client). Without our liaison support, we would need to make an on-site visit to complete each project. Liaison support efforts are coordinated by our company leaders.

USA Coordinator: Donald Lingenfelter

Asia Coordinator: Nur Aisyah Humaira Mohd Junaidi Ahho


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