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CAD & 3D Modelling


3D Modelling and CAD (Computer Aided Design) allows engineers and designers to build realistic computer models of parts and assemblies. These assemblies can be further modelled to resemble installation.


Models are then used in multiple facets.

  • The model can be rendered into a 2d drawing, add instructions and you have initial data to support a repair or modification.

  • Another facet that is newer and not so novel, 3d printing. This is a gem not so common in ADHOC work. Imagine 3d printing a test fit part before CNC machining $$$$ big dollar stock. Not local, we can send the digital model to a qualified 3d print shop local your MRO.

  • Models are also developed to initiate dynamic testing and revised over and over as test data reveals changes. This is a valuable tool for dynamic seat testing where unexpected results are the norm. Without a model you will be lost.

  • Water Jet Cutting – Another Gem. Complex or high quantity kits that require cutouts, forming and bending. We model our parts and send the data with material to one of our qualified fabrication shops while coordinating with the MRO.


CAD and 3D Modelling are some of the most important tools for a trained engineer.

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