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Major Repairs


AOG (Aircraft on Ground): We offer 24/7 AOG support for heavy transport aircraft operators. ASI provides immediate engineering support by evaluating damage and developing repair data to restore in-service aircraft to serviceable condition. Engineering support is coordinated through the operator’s maintenance control team.

Heavy Check and Depot Level Repairs: ASI provides engineering repair data for aircraft in heavy check. We coordinate with the MRO and your maintenance representative to determine how the repair will affect pacing items, identify materials, tools, and equipment necessary to support our repair data package. Repair drawings and engineering orders are delivered to the MRO for initial review prior to final signatures. We further evaluate your maintenance program as related to the repair project and schedule follow-on damage tolerance evaluation as necessary.

Operator Programs: We support operators with in-service programs. Normally this involves interior beautification repair efforts where an overnight maintenance visit offers enough time to embody the pre-defined repairs.  

Inspection of Existing Repairs: ASI offers a mapping of the aircraft exterior structure to identify existing repairs. Repairs are evaluated and a report generated. Our reports have been used to supplement FAA DAR’s (import/export) efforts and commercial operators and leasing companies validate commercial contract agreements.


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