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Placards can be one the most underrated projects.

They are simplistic, peal and stick, stencil and paint. If it were that easy…


Placards are installed only when required or have a decorative appeal. When a required placard is damaged you must replace it.


Replacing a damaged placard is a standard maintenance action. Introducing a placard fabricated by a vendor other than the OEM may require a touch of engineering.

Other common placard examples include cabin upgrades and new liveries (exterior paint upgrades) where replacement of all placards may be necessary. Leasing companies move aircraft between operators and lease agreements. You may need bilingual placards to support your next operator.


New equipment installation, check your regulations, you may need a placard, don’t sit, don’t touch, pull up, push out, the list goes on.


Regardless of your need, we support all placard projects. Our data packages can be as robust as necessary. We can provide installation data, or a full data package that include design and fabrication to support one of our approved placard manufacturers and deliver a customized kit for installation.


All placards are fabricated to meet the “as installed” requirements. These requirements may vary, if the cabin placard is exposed to abrasion from passengers or exterior mounted and exposed to hydraulic fluid and fuel, these are constants to be considered.  All interior placards are fabricated using material that meet EASA and FAA flammability requirements.

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